Trout Pout and Other Standards of Beauty..Seattle vs. So Cal.

Disclaimer:  This blog is my opinions only and the grammar sucks. (:

I am relocating to Southern California and just spent 10 days down there and now I am back in Seattle. Its only a few hours flight, but its also a culture shock in some ways.

One of the  things about Seattle women that I noticed since I moved here in 2006 is that they are less obsessed with their appearance than Southern California women.   For example, they tend to not watch what they eat, (so they are bigger in general), they don't wear much make up and they often just wear fleece hoodies and jeans.   Not all women fall into this category, but its a general observation.

I have always been somewhere in the middle.  I care about my appearance, but I hate spending time on it.  I hate taking care of my own hair because its super frizzy and just to blow dry it straight, flat iron it, etc takes over an hour.   Its really a pain the ass.  I feel the same way about makeup, its also a lot of work, so I don't wear a ton.  I like fashion, but I don't spend much time in malls.  I do try to watch my weight but I am not obsessive about the fact that I am not a size 2 and I have a muffin top (like most Seattle women).

We rented an apartment in an affluent area of Southern California.   After doing the walk through and putting a deposit down on the place, my mother in law wanted to go to eat at an expensive Sushi restaurant.   After we were seated at the restaurant, I took a look around and I did a double take.   All the women in the restaurant were fit and attractive, even our waitress was gorgeous, slim and had yoga arms.   Then three  women walked in shortly after that with the trout pout. (injected lips)   The trout point is what fake breasts were ten years ago.   Its the new thing to do, just check out Lindsey Lohan on TMZ.

I thought it was great that everyone looked so fit and fabulous, but I was like Jeez I don't want to raise my daughter in this type of superficial environment where every woman is a size 2 and has inflated lips!   We picked the community because it was safe and had great schools.   But at the same time, did I choose the wrong community?  I live in an affluent part of Seattle and one of my good friends lives on a sail boat and the other lives in a cute bungalow on Queen Anne, but neither of them have a trout pout or implants.  Its just not important here whether you have the money or not.  I pick up my daughter from one of the wealthier school districts in Seattle, most of the moms were those ugly Dansko clogs and pull over fleece hoodies.  (No Offense: Sorry, but I hate Dansko clogs-they are the ugliest shoes ever.)  At my kids new school are all the other moms going to be super thin with fake boobs, trout pouts and super expensive Mercedes SUV?  It will be interesting to find out when I roll up in my 2005 VW Jetta with the hubcaps missing.  LOL.  

My hot ride

Sexy Seattle Footwear-The Dansko Clog

Hopefully my fears about the superficial are just overblown.  I want my daughter to believe that beauty comes in all colors and sizes, just not the Barbie doll looks.  (She is Thai after all, her skin in a nice mocha color, her hair is pitch black and she will not have big boobs by default genetics.)   I am surprised I noticed it so much this time around, after all I lived in Manhattan Beach for years, and everyone there is pretty good looking and wealthy.   Its interesting about affluence and different parts of the United States have different standards of beauty and culture.   Hopefully the influence of moving back to the beach of Southern California will be to get fit and be more healthy, but I think I will pass on the trout pout injections.

Hotness defined Southern CA style

I think its important to look your best, but at the end of the day, I think we just all want to be healthy and happy.   I plan to update this blog on this topic to see how I feel about it after I move in and get settled.   Maybe my new BFF will have the trout pout, big breasts, a size 2 designer wardrobe and be the nicest person ever?

Trout Pout Examples:

She looks OK, her lips were bigger before.


 Ok..she is from Italy, not California
Is this hot?


P.S. I do realize some of my good gal pals wear Dansko footwear. Sorry darlings, it just my opinion, don't take it personal.   For those of you who know me, I have my own opinions and its nothing personal.  Everyone has a right to their opinion and you have a right to ignore it.  (:  XOXO dears.  

Update:  May 30, 2013  So I have been here for almost 4 weeks, and so far I have not made any good friends yet.  I have made a few friendly "hello" type friends.  So far only one of them looks like the above gals, but on a different level.   I will keep everyone posted.  


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