Leopard Accessories - Just a Little Goes a Long Way!

I have always loved leopard print whether it was pony hair printed leather, fabric or even fake leather, but when its overdone it seems tacky. (no need to explain that here, you all know what I am talking about.)   I think just the right amount of animal print is sexy and fun.   I think it is best to accessorize with a pair of leopard heels, a fun scarf or even a pair of gloves.  

Love these pumps!  Right now I am in the process in moving from a cold and wet climate to a warmer climate in Southern California.   I have been cleaning out my closet..and noticed I have over 10 coats and a few leopard sweaters.   These will have to go in storage..for now.

I will have to find a new way to accessorize with leopard or animal prints in a 70 degree year round weather.  Once I get settled I can't wait to go shopping and find these shoes (or something along these lines)...they would look great with dark denim jeans and black or white T-shirt.  

Ciao for now!



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