Goodbye Washington! Seven Years.

Me on Washington Coast

I grew up in Washington State.  It has been good and bad to me.   I feel like times flies very fast when I live in Seattle, but nothing changes, and everything stays the same.   People are not as open in Seattle, it might have something to do with the rain.   I tried for five years to be part of the local fashion community but it was and is stale at best.   I have made a few great friends, but I don't want to retire here or live here, so its time to move on.  I feel like I still have a lot of growth to make as a person, in my career, and I feel like I have been frozen in time in Seattle.

Rocco on rare Seattle Sunny Day
Goodbye, Seattle.  It has been fun.  Seven rainy winters, Seven bouts of S.A.D. during the Seven long and gloomy winters.   Rocco has been depressed for seven years...he misses the sun.   I have to make it up to him so he can retire in sunny Southern California.

I went to visit my grandma yesterday in Bothell.  She is 101 years old now.   When I turned to say goodbye to her, I really just had a melt down.  I have taken her love for granted for about 4 decades now.  God, I love that woman.  She is like your coolest aunt, your mom, your grandma, all wrapped up into one person.  When a person is that old, you do realize that may be the last time you see them.  I knew it and she knew it.  I was so sad, but at the same time I realized I am really blessed by all the wonderful times we have shared in my lifetime.   I am lucky to have had her for all these years, most people my age don't have grandparents.   I woke up this morning on the floor crying into a quilt she had made for me when I was a kid.  (I sleep on the floor most of the time, learned that in Thailand).   It kind of is heartbreaking to feel this way, but I can't change love.   You really don't realize how much love someone has poured out to you over the years, until its gone.   (:

My Grandma Sauvage and my daughter April 20, 2013.  

It was funny though, I was only there a short time and she told me she liked the shorter blonde haircut and she admired my Rocco e Dante handbag.  We used to spend a lot of time together at Bellevue Square Mall when I was a teenager and she was in her 80's.   She is not as fashionable now and her sweaters have food drops on them because her eyesight is not so good, but she still knows a good handbag when she sees one!

Time flies, but we must fly with it.




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