Stress. How Do You Do It?

I realize that stress ages a lot of us beyond our years...what is the key to managing stress? It seems like life is either crazy insane busy or dull.  It is hard to find that middle ground.  It would be ideal to just work part time to make ends meet and the rest of the time enjoy your hobbies, travel or exercise, but in the USA today, it seems like the only way to make ends meet is for everyone to work full time.  (unless you are born with a silver spoon-I was born with a plastic spoon)

What do you do to handle stress?  I try to exercise at the gym in my apartment, but I don't always make it, and in the nicer months I like to run outside.   That is what I miss about living in California is that I could exercise outside all year round.  In Seattle, its limited.

Love this photo of my daughter enjoying a stress-free summer afternoon in Seattle a few years ago.   This was taken when I was launching my handbag business..I was working from home while taking care of my daughter full time.  It was not easy, but I enjoyed the freedom of my schedule....aaaahhhh the good old days....

More later.


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