Prada Sunglasses - Amazing Accessories!

I don't know about you, but I have watched a lot of dumb reality shows over the past decade.  The one that is the most addictive and annoying is "The Bachelor" shows.  They always say the word "Amazing" - its overused so much you just want to throw things at the TV!

I found some sunglasses that are more worthy of the word Amazing in my opinion.  Here we go..these are fun, funky, eclectic and aaaammmaaazzziiiiinnnng! $290 at Nordstrom.  I just have to have them! I have been collecting and wearing designer sunglasses for 20 years! I have never lost a pair and I love them all.  It is one accessory that always makes me feel cool and fashionable.  (fun factoid: It also prevents crows feet.  I have very few crowsfeet for my age because I wear sunglasses year round.) 

Have a nice day and Happy New Year 2013!  If you find any AMAZING accessories - please share them with me!


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