Hair as Art/Fashion? Yes!

Growing up my hair was never easy to deal with.  I have naturally frizzy hair and was made fun of all the time during grade school and well into junior high for having frizzy hair.  They called me a "White N-word" amongst other things.(kids were mean back then and always will be.)  As an adult I found a flat iron and have never looked back.  

I have never thought of hair as a fashion accessory or even to make a statement, but it can be.  My friend from high school's daughter, Maddie is really into her hair and its a very fun fashion statement.  Its a way for her to express her creativity and I think its really quite charming. 

The great thing about using your hair as a way to express yourself instead of a tattoo is that if you get bored or don't like it, its pretty easy to change.  I know if you get a tattoo of Donald Duck on your chest and you hate it five years later, its very expensive and painful to remove.'s to Maddie..keep being you and thanks for sharing with us your wild and groovy hair colors/styles.  Now is the right time in your life to experiment with style...I don't have the guts to change my hair to blue or green but I can live vicariously through your hair art. (:  xo

P.S. And by the way, you have amazing eyes..just like your mother. We used to buy blue eyeshadow at the drug store in Moses Lake for $3.00..and your Mom knew how to use it.  LOL.


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