Crossroads In Life and Career.

As most of my friends know we are winding down the brand.   It's a tough economy for luxury start up brands and I am no exception.  I have scaled the brand back to an online shop and just a few local stores.  Maybe in the future we can ramp it up again, if I win the lottery or find half a million dollars in my mattress.

Now I am at a crossroads, I am interested in taking on a full time job as a designer or something in fashion and possibly working towards an MBA to sharpen my skills.

I am hoping a big brand will hire me.  I love design, that is for sure.  I went broke being an entrepreneur and I sure learned a lot of things and about myself as well.  One thing I learned is I hate bookkeeping and working in the warehouse, and following Nordstroms one million page routing guide is a complete nightmare.   What I love? Trend research , design, dealing with cool shop owners, and social media!   Love twitter, Facebook, all that jazz.  I would rather spend hours on social media building a brand than schlepping boxes to FedEx.  I hate manual labor and my back is not built for it.  You do wear every hat as a start up.  It is super lonely too.  That was the hardest part, the long days working out of your house where you might just see the ups guy.  Lol.  And you are happy to see the weird lawn guy.  Seriously don't work from home unless you like to be alone! Even when you get an office, you are still alone most of the time, but talking to the massage lady next door is cool.

I should write a book about it.  I really miss shopping.  Pre-Rocco e Dante I had a pretty awesome wardrobe and shoe collection.  Now I try to piece together things from 5 years ago that are dated.  I just put every penny into the company.   I look forward to shopping again someday real soon I hope.

So here's to new adventures, I don't know what the future holds or if I will be working at burger king next week, but at least I have a fabulous bag collection.  Ha ha.

Life is weird. No regrets.


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