Pacific NorthWest Trend Show...

In the Pacific NW, there is a little known trade show ran by the PNAA or Pacific Northwest Apparel Association.  They just moved their location to the Pacific Market Center south of downtown Seattle, otherwise known as Sodo.  We are going to give them a try.  We have attended in the past but with only very little results.  Our brand is a local brand, but because it is better quality and higher price points, it tends to have limited reach in this area.  We are already in 3 top boutiques, one which is David-Lawrence in The Bravern Shops in Bellevue.  You can't get much higher end than that!

The nice thing about our brand is that we have something for everyone.  Our opening wholesale price point is around $24.00 for the smaller leather goods, so hopefully we can pick up some more local accounts!  They may not be have the market for the full size handbags, but the smaller fashion leather goods could be a great fit!

If you own a local shop - please support the Trend show at the Pacific Market Center, April 1-3 in Seattle.

Come find us and stop by our booth and say hi!

Rocco and Dante


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