Winter Blues.

This blog post is about Seattle. I don't know if any of my blog followers are familiar with Seattle Weather, but to let you in on a secret..the winters are pure torture for people like me who suffer from SAD...(blues in the winter.)  I used to think this was just a wimpy excuse for the winter blues.  However we had one really great week a few weeks ago with amazing sunny days...and I noticed my mood improved dramatically!!!  I really believe it now!  I felt like a new person!

The current forecast is 10 days of rain/drizzle.  I am feeling the funky feeling already...hmmm....does the weather affect you?

Well, we do have LA fashion week to look forward to in March and I highly doubt there will be any rain!!!  Excited!  In the meantime, check out our current F/W blow out sale on our website at

Grumpy in Seattle


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