This week I was criticized for my housekeeping skills. It was from a close family member that I really appreciate their opinions in the past. As a busy designer and working mother with a start up company I work from 10-4 pm, pick up kid, then work from 4pm - midnight answering emails from overseas. Its a very hectic pace, and when i am not in the office I am usually at a trade show or at a sales meeting, etc. I find it very difficult to be a full time housekeeper /maid when I spend up to two weeks per month out of town on business. Most men that work full time do not get criticized for their often messy house. Men don't get criticized because they cannot bake pies on the weekday or fresh cookies for the PTA.

I am busy trying to grow my company into a million plus dollar operation. I don't do the PTA, I don't do moms groups and I don't bake. (kudos to those who do!) I am often in airports and the dog walker is my BFF. I have a housecleaner that comes once a month to deep clean the house. In the meantime the tubs get grimy, but on the rare Saturday that I have off, I don't spend 2 hours cleaning the bathtubs, I go take the pugs down for a walk by the beach or go to a lunch on the beach. For those of you who continue to think that women should have the same standards of a 1950's housewife, think again. I don't make money when I mop my floor or dust the living room. I only make money when I design or sell handbags. So before you criticize my housekeeping, think about it...all of my generation of women is doing the best we can to make money and raise our families. We are not 1950's housewives and most of us are not married to rich men (so we can't afford live in maids). We are not following in our mothers footsteps, so our homes may not be as clean as our mothers. We should be appreciated for what we can do and not if you can't eat off of our kitchen floor. Thank you and cheers to all the working women and mothers of my generation!


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