Fashion blogger?

I am not a very dedicated fashion blogger. I still do have opinions about things in fashion but I get so busy I forgot to write about them. One of them was that I really loved the dress that LiLo wore to the Golden Globes parties. It was a sequined mini dress and it has a hoodie on it, that I thought was adorable. A lot of bloggers wrote about how stupid that dress was, but I though it was super groovy. Is that still a word? I love hoodies and I loved the way they put a hoodie on a glamour type mini dress, it was a really fun twist.

I will have to find a photo and post it on here. I have like 1,001 things to do each day its hard to keep up with my blogs, facebook, myspace, clients and my own small fashion line. Not to mention a five year old, two dogs and a house., etc.


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