As an independent fashion designer, I know how hard it is to get funding to produce a full collection, especially when you are working with high end leather and hardware from Italy. Just to get a pattern made is easy $1,500.00, and that is for one bag design! So I was thrilled to the bone when I found a new site that is dedicated to indie designers like myself. They allow you to create an online store to sell your goods. There is other websites like that are dedicated to indie designers but the rule of thumb on their website is that your stuff has to be made by hand. I don't sew my leather handbags and accessories with my own two hands, they are made by leather technicians in a factory setting with all the leather equipment, so etsy is awesome but not a good fit for my brand.

I am so grateful for website like who are dedicated to the craft and helping indie fashion designers like myself. Please check out

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