I have not spent a dime on my house since my husband got laid off for 8 months in 2009. (OK, I have bought a pair of shoes, but nothing for the house, some serious cutbacks.) I have just noticed recently how drab and crappy all of our towels and furniture looks. The master bathroom clear PVC shower curtain had so much mold on it - it was starting to look pink. Super disgusting! So I was like I can't deal with this anymore. I went to Target and I found this super bright and cool looking red, orange and fuschia PEVA shower curtain for $9.99! I also bought a bright orange bath mat to go with it. My husband actually noticed it (usually when I buy anything he won't notice it for like about a month, then he is like, oh are those new shoes?).

He said, "I feel like I am in an Austin Powers movie when I am in the bathroom."

OK..but I did notice that it brightened my mood. Weird how a pop of color can do that. I found a similar cool shower curtain online to post here, but for $9.99 you can make your house look better and feel fresh and new. Not too bad-next on my list new towels!!!.


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