I love cats and Miu Miu!

I have been a huge fan of Miu Miu since about 1999. I used to love to go their now closed down store in West Hollywood! I could spend hours just shopping and I had a vast Miu Miu shoe collection. For my birthday between 1999-2006 I got a pair of Miu Miu shoes. The last time I was in a Miu Miu store was in Milan, and that was in 2007 when I lived there for six weeks taking a handbag class. Wow, fun times, don't even get me started!!!

I just found these adorable cat print satin Mary Janes by Miu Miu, and they are so fun. I love Miu Miu designs because they are so clever and just have enough of a fun whimsical twist that make them stand out, but not be too over the top or too cheesy.

The price on these is about $500 - not bad for made in Italy designer shoes. All the Miu Miu shoes I have owned have been incredibly comfortable, classy and great quality.


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