My best store lately for great fit and deals.

I don't read much about Club Monaco, but I have found it to be a really great store for me. The price is reasonable (most of the clothes are made in China), but the fit and the quality is pretty decent. It works for me. I have champagne taste but like a beer budget, so I do not shop at H&M, their clothes quality sucks, the threads fall off right away, but I can work with Club Monaco. The clothes are on trend but not over the top, the price is reasonable, you can buy a nice top for $50 or so, and the quality lasts me for a few years or more. The clothes are not tooo Junior. I am not a junior, but I like to be in style..I don't need hoochy mama clothes or "club wear" like Bebe, so this is great. Club Monaco has clothes for going out for girls night out as well as business attire. Totally thumbs up!


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