I think ETSY is great for people who just make a few items by hand on the side or for a hobby. However for handbag and accessories designers like myself, its impossible to sell on ETSY because frankly I don't hand make 500 handbags per year or whatever it is that I produce. For me, my goal is to make enough bags to actually make a living and a profit, so hand making is not possible. I think hand made things are amazing and there is a market for them, but does it make me less of a designer because I don't hand stitch each piece on my own kitchen table? I am not sure. I can tell you that I design over 100 bags per year and over 12 collections per year in my design studio and on my kitchen table AND I get paid to do it, so that is good. I am afraid of knives and cutting instruments. Really. When I took a pattern making class two years ago in Milan, Italy, the teacher (Signore) was eternally frustrated with me because I did not use the blades to cut the patterns, instead I insisted on using scissors. Why? I was afraid I was going to cut myself with the raw blade. Seriously...I am deathly afraid of box cutters and blades...not for me. So I learned how to cut patterns using scissors and the instructor hated me, but oh well. I was paying him a few thousand a week to learn how to cut cardboard by hand, so I felt that I could choose the cutting method that worked for me. With that said, I am not sure when I will get around to cutting leather by hand...maybe not this year. I prefer to draw with pencil and paper and leave the blades to the masters - at least for I won't be on ETSY. For now.


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