Since I returned from Italy, I have been working on a huge collection for a private client based out of Los Angeles. I have been ordering swatches from the Linea Pelle show like crazy and I am learning more and more about leather....and everything. I am still waiting for some amazing hardware to be sent. They do take ages to send anything! Like I was in Italy a month ago and some of these places have still not sent me my order! There is definitely a different way of doing business in the USA as compared to Italy. In Italy I don't feel they have a sense of urgency, even if you have money to pay them, they take about one month to send the invoice. Seriously. They are not hungry for business, yet they are hurting. I don't get it. When I want to do business with someone or a vendor, I send the order, the money, everything, I email and follow up with them immediately...I don't wait two weeks to respond to an email or even two days, I respond within a few hours....does it matter?


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