Leather Jackets!

Leather is really big right now! All the major designers are showing leather jackets, leather pants, and leather accessories. I remember when I was right out of high school I really wanted a leather jacket. So I saved all my tips working at the Red Bird Country Club in Savannah, GA and took the $300 and bought a black mens leather jacket at Wilson's Suede and Leather in a mall in Savannah, GA. It had a elasticized waist and space type shoulder designs, very Michael Jackson. My best friend back in Seattle worked for a custom embroidery company and so she embroidered my name in black on the leather collar. The black leather coat was heavy and amazing, it was a mens size 40 and I wore that jacket for about ten years, all through college. I wish I still had it. About 5 yrs ago when my husband and I purchased our first condo in Los Angeles, I had to purge my closet and it went to Goodwill. Somewhere, most likely in Los Angeles, someone has a black leather jacket with my name stitched in the collar. They probably call it "vintage" and I guess it is...

If I can find a photo of me wearing that coat in the 90's I will post it here. Now I must find a new black leather jacket.....check back soon for the photos. Hard to believe that things I wore in the 90's are now considered "vintage" !!!


Rocco said…
Update! I found the photo..here is me in the dorms at WSU wearing my beloved black leather jacket! Cute!

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