Purple doctors bag...

I noticed in my most recent "W" magazine, they were doing a fashion spread about the new peacock colors in fashion...for now and for Fall.  As I read the article I went to some new samples that came in last week and decided instead of waiting for my professional photographer to fit me in to do a shoot, I would do some of the shots myself and get them out there.  As you know trends come and go and if you wait to long to show the buyers and the world what you got..you can miss the boat.

So  many designers are afraid of showing their products to the masses for fear of being "ripped off" - this has never been a fear of mine, because I as a designer everyone is inspired by different things, and my latest creation came from a junk store in Seattle.   I saw this old bag sitting up high on the shelf about 15 feet up on the wall in the back of one of the junk stores where you can sell your clothes for $2 and buy used clothing for like $10..those places smell to high heaven but sometimes you can find cool stuff.

So I bought this all leather doctors bag, and did an internet search and found out it was truly vintage from the 1930's actually someone was selling one on Ebay that is how I got the details.  

I took the structure and ran with it...added an outside pocket, changed the handles and obviously the material and hardware...to update it and here is what I got.  

The "PHIL" doctors bag by Tara Sauvage, named after my father in law, Dr. Phillip LoGiudice who is a vascular surgeon in southern California.  I think he appreciates the name, now my goal is to produce the bag and have it in stores....

Its not the bag for everyone, but I think its a unique statement piece.


Katy said…
What a find. Really cute bag. I love the doctor's bag style/look.

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