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Letters From The Philippines - updated 5/2020!

When I was a teen I had a penpal in The Philippines.  We wrote back and forth for over 20 years, way before the Internet.   She started a family at age 16 and lived in a village in Mindanao, Southern Phillippines.   I grew up in Washington state in a middle-class farm family and went on to college and a career in Los Angeles.   We kept in touch via snail mail all those years.  Now in 2020, we are Facebook friends so we no longer write handwritten letters, but I do have over 20 years' worth of paper letters. My plans were to always write a book or short stories on our friendship, but I have never found the time or patience to do it. Now with the global pandemic, I am having more time on my hands and I know you can self publish books on Amazon now! The good thing is that I am able to communicate more freely with my dear friend Lummie, so if I do decide to take the time to write some short stories, I will be able to reach out to her to fact check dates, etc.  Enjoy!  In 2014