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Letters From The Philippines

When I was a teen I had a penpal in The Philippines.  We wrote back and forth for over 20 years, way before the Internet.   She started a family at age 16 and lived in a village in Mindanao, Southern Phillippines.   I grew up in Washington state in a middle class farm family and went on to college and a career in Los Angeles.   We kept in touch via snail mail all those years.
In 2014 I decided I should try to visit see each other before we get too old and to get the letters.  Maybe I thought I could write a book about our friendship.   After all, it is very unusual and has many tales.  I have been to The Phillippines four times now.    Once I was hospitalized in a village hospital and another trip to Tilikud Island in Davao,  I met up with the Muslim extremist group, the Abu Sayyaf.  (click to read more about them)  No kidding. This will be part of the book/story.  There is something to write about.  4 trips in 20 years.  This trip I went back to the islands and had a good…